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Hey HAT-ers! Catch This Shade!!

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Who said hats are just for the winter?! NOT I! I'm blocking shade all Summer 2019!

Hats are definitely a go to accessory that tops off any style!

Pharrell did it first with his Mountain Fedoras...Queen Bey kept it in Formation and now Lil Nas X is making the Cowboy look Great Again!

and I am here for ALL OF IT!

You can too...with these 6 must have hats of the Summer!

1. Fedora...dress up any look, the bigger the fedora the better! (Kita Monee')

2. Cowboy Hat...You dont have to be a rhinestone cow boy/girl, this look is always fun! (Urbanoutfitters)

3. Dad Hat...My all time favorite especially on bad hair or laid back days. (

4. Visor... Yes I said a Visor they're making a real come back lol! (

5. Buckethat...You don't have to be chasing gators to rock one of these! (Pinterest)

6. Floppy Hat...Ladies you can not go to anyones beach with a good ol floppy hat! (Old Navy).


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